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Artist Statement

My path as an artist has been significantly shaped by my family and their traditions. My art work is a testament to my ancestors and a way of honoring the past while preserving it for future generations. Since I see much beauty in ordinary objects, it is my goal to translate them into modern pieces of art.


Through the process of lost wax casting, I strive to represent the artifacts of past generations such as tatted lace, hand-sewn garments, military decorations, and heirloom flatwear in a new and exciting way. In an era when everything is machine made, it is important to value these hand-made traditions.


Art has always been an outlet for me, but I reached a turning point at the age of fifteen when I realized I could express myself through jewelry more eloquently than I could through words. I am most inspired by the people who are in my heart every day, which is why so much of my art is a representation of the people who mean the most to me and my family.

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